Thursday, September 29, 2011

My creative space...fab felt flowers.

I felt like I'd returned to my roots this week (former teacher, former mother of youngsters, former volunteer instructor at school art lessons) taking a school holiday workshop at piece together sewing studio for children 8 and older in embellishment making.

We had a lot of fun and they made some beautiful hair slides and brooches to take home - really lovely stuff and so creative in their choices (right from the start we did a sort of musical chairs thing as they settled on which colour they wanted their piece of felt to be).

We made several different fabric pieces, but the felt flowers was least's a simple activity, only required some hand sewing, a few stitches, but looks so professional when sewn onto a hair slide and worn over a pony tail!

First step is to draw five identical flower shapes onto a piece of felt,
using a cardboard template of a simple flower shape
Place one of the pieces flat on the work top and folding the second piece,
lay it on top of the first. Hold them lightly at the central point.

Repeat with each of the flower shapes, laying each
at right angles with the previous folded shape.

With all five pieces in place, now secure
the 'petals' with pins.

Using embroidery thread and an embroidery
needle, sew a few stitches through the centre
point, making sure to catch all segments to secure.

Finally, remove pins and sew a button or two over
the central stitches. Finish with a knot at the back.
Attach the flower to a blank hair slide, hair band,
brooch back, or even a large safety pin.
Good fun. Looking forward very much to taking a workshop, 'Rags to Roses' under the auspices of the Brisbane City Council Art Bites programme, in November. The emphasis will be on recycled materials, and the workshop will take place at BrisStyle's indie Eco Market.

The BiECO is an annual event - this year it will feature not only recycled, eco-friendly and vintage wares, but also craft supplies and kits, and workshops - everything to encourage and inspire handcraftiness! The workshops are free, but participants need to book through qtix to ensure a spot.

Handicraftiness abounds these days - go here to get a zillion other bites of inspiration from crafty folk!

Have creative times!


  1. Lovely, the fluted edge really adds an extra bit of special!

  2. They are so sweet, I think we'll have to try that one here at home.