Sunday, March 27, 2011

Work space

I have just read somewhere that one of the most important things to do if you want to create via sewing is to keep an organised work space.


I try.

I have numerous units from IKEA with wire baskets filled with colour-coded or texture-coded fabrics; plastic trays with various braids, tools, beads and so on; even paper patterns semi-sorted into type, market gear stacked up in crates according to type and importance, magazines and books in shelves, clothing hung on racks....

But when I really get going the organisation goes out the window and my work space quickly becomes a jumble of everything I am using or have used in the last couple of days, all at arm's reach, and so it goes until the jumble threatens to frustrate even me, penetrate the zone I'm in...I can no longer find any of the four pairs of scissors I've been using,  nor either of my two current seam rippers, and buttons and braid have been swallowed up by bottomless piles of fabric scraps. So a half day is sacrificed to tidying it all up again...and here we go round the mulberry bush all over again.

Not efficient, but this is the way I work, and it probably works as well as anything for me. I've even stopped being embarrassed about it, mostly -  people may as well know what my husband copes with, generally with great patience and good humour!

Wimcee will be at the Mamma's Market again this coming Saturday, April 2nd., and I am hoping for a really lovely Autumn day, because as beautiful as Buderim can be in the rain it really was tough on those how came out last time in the deluge, so time for a bit of sunshine!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful Buderim!

On Saturday we go back to Buderim for another Mamma's Market, held in and around the historic Buderim RSL hall. This is such a fabulous market to be involved with - the organisers, and many from the local community, are crafters and creators themselves, so the mood is excited and interested in everything on offer. And Buderim itself is so pretty - Mum took my grandmother and we kids there one school holiday to stay in a local motel for a few nights, to give my dear Nanna a little holiday, and I have had really fond memories and experiences since in the area ever since.

After all the rain that we've had this summer Buderim is a bit like one of those scenes from science fiction of vegetation taking over, so green, so lush, so blowsey! If it rains a little, as with the last market I was there for in February, little wafts of cloud float over the hill, and the steamy, messy business of unloading in wet weather is forgiven, especially once the air-con in the hall cranks up and the stalls come alive...

....images from the launch market for Christmas...

...and the wonderful 'Mad Hatters' string quartet!  
I have a lot of new stock ready to go - more jackets for winter, new bags, new skirts, and for those who asked last time I will bring tea cosies for this market...pretty ones and funky ones!

Happy Monday everyone...looking forward to the week-end already!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's go shopping!!

Wimcee is going shopping, or window shopping at least, via etsy, favouring a tea party theme. Go shopping with BrisStyle too - follow the link to visit the Saturday blog over there.

Early Bird Apron

Childs Vintage Tea Set

from whuppets

Vintage Silverware Silver Plate Tea Honey Spoon Set

Gourmet Lilac Sugars in Lavender

Tea Time Lariat Necklace - Sterling Silver

from untie  untie

English Rose Tea Dress

from dig for victory

Happy shopping - and don't forget Mamma's Market coming up next week-end at beautiful Buderim for some more Saturday shopping!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Waltz on down...

Mathilda's Markets is on between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at Eagle Farm Racecourse in Brisbane tomorrow, and I'll be there with bells on - hadn't realised just how much sewing I've done in the last 3 or 4 weeks until I put it all together ready to pack up and take to market in the morning, including a string of new stretchy long-sleeved tops...

 ...some way over the top skirts...

... and  a lot of smart new padded jackets ready for winter...

Plus some new aprons and bags for Mums, aunties, and others!

Come and visit - I'm in The Tote, right down the corridor - and sign up for regular wimcee news while you are there to go in the April give-away draw...more about that soon.

Have a happy week-end!