Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful Buderim!

On Saturday we go back to Buderim for another Mamma's Market, held in and around the historic Buderim RSL hall. This is such a fabulous market to be involved with - the organisers, and many from the local community, are crafters and creators themselves, so the mood is excited and interested in everything on offer. And Buderim itself is so pretty - Mum took my grandmother and we kids there one school holiday to stay in a local motel for a few nights, to give my dear Nanna a little holiday, and I have had really fond memories and experiences since in the area ever since.

After all the rain that we've had this summer Buderim is a bit like one of those scenes from science fiction of vegetation taking over, so green, so lush, so blowsey! If it rains a little, as with the last market I was there for in February, little wafts of cloud float over the hill, and the steamy, messy business of unloading in wet weather is forgiven, especially once the air-con in the hall cranks up and the stalls come alive...

....images from the launch market for Christmas...

...and the wonderful 'Mad Hatters' string quartet!  
I have a lot of new stock ready to go - more jackets for winter, new bags, new skirts, and for those who asked last time I will bring tea cosies for this market...pretty ones and funky ones!

Happy Monday everyone...looking forward to the week-end already!

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