Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's go shopping!!

Wimcee is going shopping, or window shopping at least, via etsy, favouring a tea party theme. Go shopping with BrisStyle too - follow the link to visit the Saturday blog over there.

Early Bird Apron

Childs Vintage Tea Set

from whuppets

Vintage Silverware Silver Plate Tea Honey Spoon Set

Gourmet Lilac Sugars in Lavender

Tea Time Lariat Necklace - Sterling Silver

from untie  untie

English Rose Tea Dress

from dig for victory

Happy shopping - and don't forget Mamma's Market coming up next week-end at beautiful Buderim for some more Saturday shopping!


  1. I think I had that dress in my youth - it's beautifully made and I wish I still had the waistline to be able to fit into it!

  2. Agreed, and agreed! What happens to waists?? And why??? SO unfair!

  3. All those cakes to go with my cups of tea, that's what happens my waist...What a yummy way to go though ;)...Lovely tea party selections Steph

  4. Nice choices, love the kids tea set and spoons!

    Teneale x

  5. What beautiful choices. You had me at the apron.