Friday, January 29, 2010

Okay - I hope to be a little more consistent with this in 2010 - my new year's resolution. January has been my month off to try a few different directions as well as just building up stock again after the Christmas rush.

Having re-located my entire workshop into the spare room and then moved it back to the lounge again so that oldest son Andrew had somewhere to sleep when he stayed over over Christmas, I've tried to be a bit more orderly, and extended my supply of Ikea shelving units to assist the goal.

I've been experimenting with adult-sized clothing, making some peasant style blouses...pieces I like myself seemed to be the way to go, and also some new styles of bags and belts. It's wonderful to have the time without the pressure to try new things, and as always, once I've got going with one particular idea a lot of other ideas follow - too quickly always!

Have also been inspired by the theme of Woodland...more on that soon...but the boho chic continues as well...