Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hair today...

Hair-dresser day!

I am off to spend the morning with Breah, Alyssia, Violetta, and Cinnamon (at La Moda), which is something I've done consistently for years, ever since I stopped being someone who didn't have a regular hair stylist and thought the whole dependancy cycle ridiculous. Then I found out Breah did my hair better than anyone else - cut it, coloured it, styled it - and I became hopelessly dependant.

Anyone who grew up with frizzy hair will empathise...anyone who grew up with frizzy hair through the Sandy Shaw/Maryanne Faithfull/Jean Shrimpton era will now have their own Breah, a GHD, and quite probably a keratin treatment thing happening. Like me.

Style Me Vintage: Hair: Easy Step-by-Step Techniques for Creating Classic Hairstyles 

This is a lovely book that I saw at Mary Ryan's at Milton a few weeks ago, which I want to go back to buy. Not that I want to replicate a Lucille Ball poodle do, but we're watching series 4 of Mad Men on DVD at the moment and you do start to hanker for french rolls and go with accepting a more mature body shape and concentrating energy on finding a look to flatter! garments and great make-up might be the way to go...

mad men season 2

wimcee will be at St Mary's, Kangaroo Point, again this Saturday, from 10 am until 2 pm, for 'The Sounds of Music' Festival in the church which will celebrate St Mary's birthday. Market stalls, including Gino and his fruit and vegies, will be dotted around the grounds of the lovely church, and as usual proceeds from site fees etc. will go to the church's restoration fund. 

I'll be the one with the fresh cut and colour.


  1. Lovely that you have a hairdresser that you like! I'm still on the search for mine - an essential if you also have very short cropped hair.

    Fabulous looking book!

  2. Breah's not far from you, at Greenslopes....! And when I went back to get the book it was gone - of course. Rats.