Saturday, April 9, 2011

Window shopping to match the week's mood!

Etsy shopping that reflects this week's Kimono Reincarnated Project opening with a smattering of offerings with a Japanese theme...

Luuurve Japanese craft and sewing books...

Japanese Craft Book

...have just made a little padded jacket for a one-year-old out of the crocodile and hippo cousins of these elephants....

Japanese, Large Elephants on Grey, FAT QUARTER

 From Sweet Dearly Loved

...super-cute capri pants...

Size 2 Japanese Print Capri Pants

From AH4649

...and some very Japanese-like bagging

Japanese Robot Artist Tote Set in Linen


  1. Lovely finds Steph!~ I really like what I have seen of Mel's Kimono Reincarnated Project, will get up there to have a look as soon as I can
    :) Tracey

  2. Beautiful finds. PS Loved your contribution to the Kimono Reincarnate project. x

  3. Thanks so much SB; and Tracey you must go and see the exhibition - so many fine, fine contributions!