Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hot in the city...

Monday is a sewing day, but having lurked in the air. con. in Woollies doing groceries for as long as I possibly could this morning, I have only managed to cut out a bag that it's really too, too hot to sew. If my camera's battery wasn't found to be flat as a tack I could photograph new quilted jackets that I have ready for winter, but could you bear to look at them in this weather anyway? My adult jumper is almost finished in an extraordinarily complicated pattern that I can now call my own because I didn't follow the pattern I had properly...looks like an intentional design, amazingly...but way too hot to finish that off now either.

Instead a look at the St George's craft market in Belfast, and a tee-pee like no other! Made by Emma, a textile artist with a stall at the market, it is the result of years of work, lovingly hand-embroidered and embellished with beads, mirrors, metallic threads and other memorabilia important to the artisan.

This from arbeecards where there's more information about this historic market.

So while we sizzle in Brizzy my sister languishes in London - she actually loves London, but not when it's max. a couple of degrees. She would probably give eye teeth for some good old-fashioned Queensland summer weather right now. Storm's a-coming anyway...I've had my weather alert, the spousal variety a well as the BOM one.

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  1. That teepee is amazing! It looks like the perfect spot to curl up in a little ball and drift away. I can't imagine the artist putting a price on it...