Monday, August 23, 2010

Weeks of thematic living!

First there was the Week of the Ancients - is there the remotest chance that said Ancients may read a blog post and see themselves identified as such? Elderly family members who fly in for birthday celebrations, elderly family members who fly out to remote parts of south-east Asia, elderly family member who delights in a ritualistic visits to coasts north and south during his Queensland stay, much more sadly my elderly neighbours dealing with hospitalisation and the mind-numbing difficulties of traveling across town on a daily basis when you are 93 and rely on public transport...a week of being chauffeur and tea-maker, making easy small talk and functioning at a more gentle pace.

Then there was the Week of the Wonky Wings - or Weeks, as it's on-going. I had my (right) marketeer's shoulder under the knife and number three son had his (right) wrist pinned by our friendly Ortheopod, who is just down the corridor from our new best friends the physios, and they all live together is a little wooden house, or rather a big rabbit warren of a hospital, where the nurses are lovely but the night nurses are to be feared and avoided at all costs. Life here is one great comparing of slings and stretches, remembering appointments and paying medical bills.

But finally some sewing!

I had to miss Mathida's Market, a last minute no-show for wimcee, but am all the more keen for the coming BiDM, that BrisStyle market-of-markets, taking place on September 4th, 9-2, St Augustine's church hall and grounds, Racecourse Road at Hamilton.

Apart from a full complement of little girl's skirts, I have some new boy's bermuda-style shorts, lots of new hand-made gift cards, new bunting and some forays into hand-painted, stitched, and embellished accessories like some cute lavender heart sachets. 

More to this space.

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  1. Gorgeous Steph, Cant wait to see it all in person!