Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To market, to market...

There's something about the shared buzz that associates itself with a BiDM that's unique...the hundred plus BrisStylettes, some market-active all year in other venues, others new to the whole exercise, and still others who don't come out all that often because of rich and varied other existences that leave them only limited time for their market-craft,  all start to pop up again, in blogs, posts and press. 

Because the BrisStyle indie Designers Markets are the number one opportunity for all these talented creators to mix, meet, compare, catch-up and generally blow each other away with new designs and directions, there is a real and genuine excitement for us all in the anticipation of another BiDM.

So: new pieces from wimcee for the September 4th BiDM, a sample of new spring children's wear, still a bit retro, a bit boho, and still dancing with colour. And more aprons, bags, and brooches on their way, as well as softies and rag dolls, lots of lovely things for both big and little people.

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