Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The happiest market of them all...

It's ECO market time again!

 The BrisStyle ECO market is a special market every year - for no really obvious reason it always seems infused with a mellow mood that speaks to my inner semi-hippie.  It might be that the crafters who take part are those particularly driven by an environmental passion - there are always, certainly, local ground-breakers aplenty who fit that description. It may be that the customers and browsers who come along to this market are inspired by the hunt for wares that are slightly different to the normal markets out there, BrisStyle and others - not simply hand-made, not only vintage, not just green, but a market that brings it all together and presents itself as a unique work of art.  The music is usually perfectly matched to the occasion, and the avant-guardedness of marketers, marketeers, and market all seem to dove-tail happily in the early spring sunshine (or, this year, in the cultural centre concrete shade).
tassels decorating the Whale Mall, Queensland Museum

This year, BrisStyle is holding its annual indie ECO market - with the emphasis on recycle, vintage and eco-friendly - in the Whale Mall, adjacent to the Queensland Museum at South Bank. Even more enticingly, in association with an opening exhibition of things Afghani at the museum, the theme this year is ECO-BAZAAR.

Bizarre Bazaar - look out for the hip, the edgy, the rock-abilly, the shabby chic, the Frankie-esque, the steam-punk-pumped, the eclectic, the boho, all in one significant event with green values and artisan artistry. See you Saturday, 7th September, from 9am!

wimcee altered jumper with crochet embellishment
wimcee altered jumper and cardigan skirt with crochet detail
Until next time,
wimcee x