Sunday, May 12, 2013

And another shop window...!

Apart from the usual, and not-so-usual, handicrafts and artworks available on-line at the fabulous etsy, there is also a whole, extraordinary, extensive virtual mall dedicated to vintage wares.

One such shop is my promo for this week - 'Treasures from the Past' belongs to Cindy (and Randy) Rogers, a.k.a. RCEastman, a couple from Eastman USA. 

I have a soft spot for dolls born of a wonderful, long-lost, collection in my childhood - I loved my tall 'walkers', I loved my beautifully nationally-dressed travel souvenir dolls collected for me by my mum, and I loved my collection of Barbies.

So in amongst all the great paraphernalia that Cindy has collected, her dolls are the stand-out item for me! Like this original, bubble cut Midge doll (Barbie's friend) from the early 60's.

Vintage Black Bubble Cut Midge Barbie Body 1963
1963 Midge

For those not so excited about vintage dolls, how about something seriously momentous, such as the 1969 moon-landing, or more specifically a newspaper headline recording the moment!

Man Walks on Moon Newspaper
vintage news

Cindy also has plenty of china and glass-ware to choose from - these wall sconces are so retro, with their pastel colours:

Cindy has more than 150 items on her books at the moment so plenty to browse! Have a visit and convo her about anything that you want to know about any of her items or conditions of sale.

Have a great start to your week,