Monday, June 25, 2012

Peeves and petulances

An interesting post from apartment therapy recently, design pet peeves   about the karate chop cushion, elicited an avalanche of gripes from readers covering everything from colour-coded book display to matchy-matchy furniture.

(Image: Bliss Studio)

Do you have pet design peeves?

I have loathed the keep-calm-and-carry-on trend since it first raised its dull and repetitious head several years ago...ok, I guess, if you are English AND living in England AND preferably lived through a war, but in Australia it just smacks (to me) of a total absence of original thought married to a lurking cultural cringe-i-ness.

Ditto union jack cushions and all things bull dog. Love that those folk on that island over there have a lot of fun with their own love of country - good for them, and they do it with a lovely touch of humour - but it's not something we can pick up and run with and why on earth would we want to?

In most respects though, on self-examination, I find I'm otherwise surprisingly non-judgmental and tolerant about interior design. Like anything in life, so long as it's not too contrived, it's legit in my book. Home is - it really is - where the heart is, and if there's affection afoot that's as design excellence as you can get.

When I was growing up, my Dad revealed a fetish for light fittings which he indulged via ceramic chandeliers (complete with little gilded cherubim) and ornate metal flower-and-leaf illuminations. As young teens we died of embarrassment over these non-early-seventies baroque-esque style statements that couldn't help but dominate otherwise ordinary family room and bed-rooms. Yet my sister and I have admitted to each other in recent years how strangely drawn we are to excessive light fittings ourselves now...

So people in glass houses, or houses resplendent with coloured glass lanterns and faux art deco frosted wall sconces, obviously have no right to throw stones of any hue.

Go the personal predilection  - if you can't feel free to have fun at home, where else could you possibly let your hair down and be self indulgent?

Just don't, please, k. c. & c. o.

If in doubt, remember: Australian = laconic...something worth celebrating.

Have a giggle!


  1. I love this post! I can totally relate to your thoughts on the whole "keep calm etc" meme. I never got it. And all the other odd little fads that reach our shores from the other side of the world, and are taken up with such gusto by folks here, no matter how irrelevant or nonsensical, are a constant source of both amusement and embarrassment for me.
    Take the recent trend of foxes - they seem to be everywhere. Now I have to agree, they are quite cute little critters, and I would love to see one in it's native habitat in say the UK. But here in Australia, foxes are an evil, destructive force and (along with feral cats) are slowly killing off many of our own cute little critters. Why on earth would you want to celebrate them? Why can't we have our own trend and replace the fox with the bilby, or some other equally beautiful marsupial.
    I just don't get it. But that's just me. I've never been able to understand or keep up with a lot of design trends. I prefer to not even bother, and just stick to what I like and create my own style.
    It's working for me so far!

  2. And your style is strong and beautiful Dyani! xx