Saturday, March 10, 2012


Photo by Danielle Wood  (Manx Minx)
Opening night of the Viva la Frida exhibition was a scintillating success for the organisers - the Circle Gallery was packed to the rafters with floral hair-do's and sombrero-ed musos, which was not only gratifying for the 28 participating artists but also fiscally rewarding for fund-raising efforts benefitting the Women's Legal Service on the eve of the International Day of Women.

Win-win-win-win-win no less!

I'm heading back this morning for a quieter look after a family breakfast. The show continues for the rest of the week and is open daily, 10-4.

For me personally it was special to get a new portrait finished, framed and hung. I've struggled with painting for the last few years so inched my way back into this time by reverting to a childhood technique of oil crayon and water colour investment sans frame of about $15 in materials including the matt board surface from Reverse Garbage. The box of coloured derwents came out for finishing touches, and voila...!

Viva! (Stephanie Morris)
Love, love, love making do technically - love that it's possible to make art with whatever's to hand if the spirit takes you.

Looking forward to more art in the months to come after a long break, and more opportunities to find the overlap between art-making and crafting.

Have happy weeks!
More wimcee exhibits: mini monkey and cantina cushions.


  1. Just beautiful, Steph - you're a lady of many talents!
    Enjoy your quiet look today, and hoping the rest of your weekend is wonderful x

  2. Thank you so much for that...just got home from taking my sons to the show after our breakfast at Atomica and they all approved...think the girls behind it really struck gold with the Frida theme and the diverse mix of participants!