Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vintage Vignettes

For the first time in a few years my sister hasn't brought her family out from London to spend Christmas with Mum and Dad and the rest of us here.

And why does one say "out from London" - are we some sort of outer space in Oz, or do they get let out of a wintry UK, as from the penitentiary?

And does speaking of Oz loudly proclaim my own vintage?

We missed them all, as much as one does miss one's favourite little sister and her lovely hubby and dearest chickadees. But I had a lovely time shopping, in London as it were, on-line for their Christmas and birthday presents (my niece and nephew were born on the 1/1 and 2/1 respectively). I roamed Harrods and Fortnams, browsed Designers Guild and Zara, and shopped at the London Science Museum and Accessorize.

My cyber visits to London reminded me of how much I am drawn to English crafting, English vintage, and English quirkiness generally. I'm not particularly anglophile, but no one does eccentric quite like Britannia.

Example: Seaside Sisters - who neither live near the seaside, nor are they related, but they work magic nevertheless. The sisterhood comprises three superlative craftspeople: Gillian Elam of Fabric Nation, Linda White of Handmade to Measure and Xtina Lamb of Printed Wonders.

Fabric Nation
Printed Wonders

Example: Supermarket Sarah, whose walls retail to the world her chosen makers.

Vignettes are the name of the game on a visit to London - our visit in 2010 was like a sequence of snapshots - eye-popping or intriguing, kaleidoscopic or misty-viewed.

Viva la quirk!

Rule Britannia! 

©2010 SupermarketSarah

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