Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BiECO - the green BrisStyle market.

Of all the wonderful markets that the BrisStyle collective holds through the year - all hand-made, all local...not sure where else in Brissy-land you find that combination of wonderfulness - of them all, my favourite is the BiECO: the BrisStyle indie Eco market.  

This only happens once a year, and this is only the third ever. This year the green and leafy grounds and hall of St Augustine's church at Ascot will be bursting with recycled, upcycled, repurposed, and vintage wonderfulness, as well as take-and-make kits, demonstrations, workshops, seconds sales, and supplies.

There is a lovely, laid-back vibe that attaches itself to the BiECO that speaks to the once-upon-a-time hippie in me; and because it has different criteria the BiECO is a market in a class of its own...this is less little girls' skirts and Amy Butler-esque hand-bags, and more quiet forrest coloured boiled wool, the dinky-di retro-ness of old linens, op-shop collectables, re-worked memorabilia, and Melanie's superb vintage kimono silks and crepes.

my journal cover with brooch

Come and visit us on Saturday, 12th November, from 9am until 2 pm.

Throw pillow Vintage Linen OOAK Tea Towel Repurposed  Western Australia  Map of Goldfields Cushion Pillow
vintage fabric cushion from Collecting Feathers
upcycled and pre-loved
Chicks In Pink  - hot pink and aqua  - crotchet rosette brooch
pre-loved wardrobe gems from Ruby2gogo

The Lucky Puppy
memorabilia notebooks from Meggy Green

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