Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vale 2010...

My blog, etsy shop etcetera have been neglected in the last few weeks with so many markets, such challenging weather conditions, and the wonderful trio of events, family arrival from o/s, Christmas all together again, and a major birthday in the family yesterday.

2010 has had ups and downs for the wimcee's personally, but overall it has been a wonderful and eventful year. I have enjoyed my sewing and crafting so very much, and I have delighted in finding others really zeroing in on the wimcee stall too and getting it...not everyone, and that's why an organisation like brisStyle can be so successful, as each creative member of the collective has their own individual style and stamp, and for each there is an equivalent mind-set out there amongst market shoppers that just gets, and loves, what they do.

For one who has spent most of her life painting, thrashing about, metaphorically at least, with the challenges of portraiture in particular, I understand only too well the lack of recognition, and appreciation, that crafting can attract in its public incarnation. Thank heavens for the legions of young women and men who have a very different perception via etsy and brown owls, cath kidston and rowan, kellie doust and yarn bombers, bloggers and city farms, lovers of vintage and retro, and so on and so on...all that is wonderful and exciting out there in the world of art-meets-craft.

Fancy fronting up to a day at the end of this week with a numerical nomination of 1.1.11! That's got to be the starting point for many great things to develop out of the new year!

Happy New Year!

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