Sunday, September 5, 2010

Market season up and springing!

The spring market season is off and running with the BiDM on Saturday - one of those strange September days when the wind whips up hot and gusty, not so pleasant, so thanks to all those old and new wimcee customers who came out to visit. Wonderful company, as always, great music, yummy nourishment, and family reunion time for the BrisStylers, the 'B' in BrisStyle indie Designers Market, those 170 of so 'crafty ladies' now immortalised in song for the occasion!

To celebrate, and because I can't do marketing for various reasons for a month or more ahead, [drum roll] the first ever wimcee blog give-away!

I am trying to develop a more obvious 'point of difference' at least to give myself some direction to pursue in 2011, so please comment here and be in the running for a very special upcycled denim skirt 'flowers for frida'. Entries close midnight Thursday 16th September 2010. The winner will be chosen randomly, and announced on this blog, Friday 17th September, so overwhelm me with suggestions!

Happy springing one and all!


  1. It's very cute Stephanie, Is it a childs size or adults? It's like a piece of wearable art!

  2. It's an adult size 10/12 Miriam, so would suit teen through to adult.

  3. Steph, I have a 14 year old daughter and I think she would really like this skirt. (It's also about her size!) She very much likes the cotton lacey heirloom style, but likes to combine it with something bright, bold and modern.

    My daughter especially loves clothes that are different to what everyone else has. Not too different, though. This skirt is about right.

    I think that anything made for big kids and teenagers is great. There is comparatively very little handmade available for them. Lots of things for babies and littlies, but not much for big kids.

  4. Steph, I absolutely love this denim skirt - it certainly has a point of difference and I hope it fits me... xxoo

  5. Nice skirt Steph! I'm mostly a size 10-12 :-)
    I love the 'freestyle' feel of your work. No two items are ever exactly the same and I think that is Wimcee's point of difference. Keep up the great work!

  6. I think the fact that you make OOAK pieces is definitely the selling point you want to emphasize. That can be your point of difference to capitalize on in the next year. Who doesn't love unique?! This skirt is muy bonita, funky, and matches everything! :)

  7. Oh Steph...thanks so much for the opp to win this amazing skirt. I love everything that you are very talented and it is a pleasure to know you and see what you have in store. Always something new and exciting.
    Fingers crossed

  8. Lovely skirt Steph - a work of art indeed, especially with the great Frida on it!
    Ali :)

  9. Just went onto your site to have a look and wow! what a fabulous skirt! Denim never dates & with the pretty embelishments, this will definitely be a keeper! Have you thought of doing matching hairclips/headbands with perhaps a flower from the skirt, lightly padded or stiffened with a button centre? My 10 year old niece & my 22 year old daughter are never without them in their hair. They are so popular with such a broad range of 'young ladies'. Most of the office workers wear them too. Keep up the wonderful work!