Monday, October 24, 2011

Day and Night, Night and Day...

This Friday night sees the staging of another BrisStyle indie Twilight Market in King George Square, Brisbane - fingers and toes crossed for a perfect Brissy-style balmy spring evening under the non-daylight-saved stars! Something a little dia de los muertos about this one too, being just around the chronological corner from Halloween. (If day-of-the-dead over-the-top calavera-chic tickles your fancy, take a stroll and visit the Crafty Chika here, or Calaverita Mexicana here.)

Day of the Dead Altar- A Signed 5x7 Fine Art Photograph-  Let's Celebrate
This print for sale from etsy here: Mariposerfuerte

see more of Carmen here: chica chica boom chic

Things Latino - a la Carmen Miranda and Frida Kahlo - have always had a fascination for me...all that colour and pattern, the symbolism and multi-cultural references, the whole outrageously, joyously, ketch-chi kit-and-kaboodle!

Iconic Frida

So wiggle on down town to King George Square this Friday night - I'll be doing my bit for the festive vibe with lots of new bags, aprons, headwear, childrens' wear, soft toys and accessories,  plus a couple of recycled and upcycled pieces for grown-up chicas! (boom-boom)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Going shopping with etsy, browsing the mother and child sweetness that will be reflected at the ALL hand-made BrisStyle indie Mother and Child market happening next week-end in Brisbane.

From divine hat designs

                         From BrisStyle's Rod 'n' Lil
From Summerlee808

From GallerieAnais

               Go shopping
               with other BrisStylers here!

From BrisStyle's Bubba Chenille 
Have a great week-end!