Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The Brisbane chapter of Brown Owls made funky tassel bunting to hang high above the recent ECO Bazaar in the Queensland Museum's whale mall.
a tasseled silk cap that I made for a recent themed exhibition.

Tassels, the close relative of the trending pom-pom, are a wonderful way to add embellishment to hats, beanies, bags, cushions, clothing, curtains and so on, and SO easy to make.

I'm going to include here a tutorial about making tassels. Once you have mastered the basic technique you can apply it to all sorts of materials that you may have to hand (think streamers, plastic, string, braid...) and use the results to add something a little extra to any project you are undertaking - or have undertaken in the past. You can also add tassels to store-bought items such as cushions, tote bags, and so on, or to furniture or architecture. Easy peasy - sky's the limit!!

 Christmas crocheted baubles with tassels. 

 Using yarn in your choice of colour, wrap it repeatedly around a piece of card (this one measured about 12 cms.), a small book, or even your hand.

Once you've reached the desired thickness (experiment to get a feel for this - depends on the material you are using and the use to which you are putting the finished tassel), slip a separate length of yarn between the card and the body of the tassel and tie firmly.

Slip the yarn off the card, and cut through the body of the tassel at the opposite side from where its tied.


Hold the bundle of yarn to make a small ball where it is tied and use another length of yarn to tie off the tassel's 'head'.

Now give the tassel a hair cut - hold it firmly and cut off all the extra long bits, turning slightly to make sure you find them all.

To tidy up the tassel, use a wool needle to weave tie ends into the centre of the tassel. Take another length of yarn (vary colour as required) and wrap it around the neck tightly before using the yarn needle to weave the end of this length into the body of the tassel as well.

I use embroidery thread and a finer needle to attach the tassel to an object. If you like you can add some beads at this point - again tidy the finished tassel by sewing the end of the thread into the body of the tassel. 

wimcee will be at the fabulous BrisStyle indie market in the city hall on Saturday 14th September, from 9 am until 3 pm,  so if you are local please feel free to drop by, have a chat, and see what new things I've been making!

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Have great tassel-making days!


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